Season's Change & So do you...

Time to start updating this again...

What I consume:

Salad's, Raw fruits and vegetables(mostly grapes), Steamed veggies, Roasted veggies, Tofu, Tempeh, Salad dressings(organic, vegan, great ingedients), Seaweed salads, Seeds, Gluten-free Sesame seed bars(Chocolate), Herbal teas, Green Mint teas, White tea & Herbal energy drinks.


What I do not consume:

No rice.
No grains.
No wheat.
No gluten. (it sneaks in every once & awhile tho)
No vegan comfort foods. (ie. Vegan ice creams, Faux cheeses, Faux meats, Baked goods, etc.)
No high-glycemic foods. (I eat low-glycemic)
No starches.
No pastas.
No refined or processed foods.
No refined sugars.
No nuts. (they do sneak in very rarely tho)
No GMO's.
No alcohol.
No drugs.
No coffee.
No dairy.
No meat.
No animal products.

Supplements I currently consume(this changes):
Vitamin Code - Raw Vegan vitamins
Country Life's - 'Stress Shield'
Whole Foods brand - Omega's
Whole Foods brand - Hair, Skin & Nails w/MSM
& occasional Ins-Zyme Forte (proteolytic digestive enzymes)


I am attempting to go soy-free again.. because I feel my body not digesting it at all... ugh.
Right now trying to keep my intake to a minimum rather than every day.

So, my ideal for right now would be No soy, and No oils in my diet..
I'll update more as I become more dietarily organized. ;)