December 8th

Dec.8th consumption:
(Please bare in mind all ingredients are organic & predominantly local)

300 ml.-
dino kale/cucumber/parsley

300 ml.-
apple/cucumber/chard/dino kale/parsley/lemon

Lots of water with fresh lemon :)


How I see this cleanse going is basically... I'll be getting to
consuming green smoothies/superfoods/juices and
mono mealing fruits by March time...

That is my optimal diet...
- greens
- superfoods/blue green algaes
- sprouts
- seeds
- fruits(mono meals)
- vegetable juices

That is where I would like to stay after this cleanse...
where I feel best. :)

I would like to stay away from gourmet raw vegan
foods indefinitely. But if they are properly combined...
I suppose we'll see.

Also.. I got my order from Healthforce today :D

Vitamineral Greens
Greener Grasses
Fruits of the Earth
and Maca powder

Healthforce is by far the cleanest
superfood supplier I know of... they do no
promotion and work solely off of good reputation
and the highest quality you can find.

I also know the owners and love supporting
them... even over something local.

Check out Vitamineral Greens, and other
amazing superfoods/herbs at : www.healthforce.com

The quality is unmatched.

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