December 11th

Dec. 11th consumption:
(please bare in mind all ingredient are organic & predominantly local)

600 ml.-
romaine/dino kale/cucumber/parsley/apple/lemon juice


I did appropriate measurements, and I've actually been consuming
more juice than I thought... so... all the 300 ml., should really
be in the 400-500 ml. range.

Things have been going well... though I dont think
my intestines are emptying out like I hope they do...
So, colonic in about a week or so...should be revolutionary.

I think sticking with 2-3 pints fresh green/vegetable juice
and superfood & green smoothies is really such an ideal
way to consume food! I feel like I've been sort of
testing the waters right now... but, I am already very
use to the juice, it feels amazing!
It reminds me of my early raw days... back when I
first had a juicer in my old place.
When I would spend all of my money on cute clothes
and holistic treatments :D

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