Adhere to no Dogma

Dec.3rd consumption:
(please bare in mind, all ingredients are organic & predominantly local)

2 liters. - filtered water with fresh lemon

300 ml. -
cucumber/parsley/apple/pineapple/green lettuce

500 ml. -
parsley/cucumber/kale/apple/ginger/carrot greens

1 liter water


I've been very lax about documentation..I'm picking it
up a notch and will be back to that now.
Also have been going on the track a bit... wanting to do that
more... especially when I juice/cleanse, I feel this...
beaming light inside of me, for me to express myself physically
as much as humanly possible , perhaps it's my
performance background...

But I want to move, dance, run.. run.. run... , make love.

Over and over and over again, until I have nothing left inside of me.
I want to get it all out.

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