Stages in Juice Feasting:

Stages on a Juice Feast:

These are very loose, and I am still working with this
(for Juice Feasting: A Modern Hero's Guide to be out
later this year), but basically we go through these stages:

Excitement - Days leading up to Feasting and the first 1-5 Days

Cleansing/Detox - this starts up pretty soon after beginning
to Juice, and goes noticeably for as long as necessary. Those
with high toxicity/weight levels will find it goes for many, many weeks.

Euphoria - starts to set in periodically as the body rehydrates,
toxicity levels decrease, constipating waste matter leaves, body
image improves, confidence grows, weight loss occurs, sleep is
deeper, etc.

Boredom - A plateau occurs. Weight loss slows or stands still
for 7-14 days in some cases. Physical transformation is not immediately
apparent. Juices all taste the same, or one gets tired of Green Vegetable
Juice, or all juices. Friends/coworkers/family keep asking you to go out,
and if there is not a spiritual/emotional practice in place, boredom and
the desire to return to the world of solid food is pretty strong.

Solidity - A new recognition sets in that progress has been made, and
is being made. A significant difference can be seen in many aspects of one's
being from the days before the Feast began. Confidence grows that a
nutrient-dense plant-based diet and the degree of accomplishment one
can realize on such a cuisine is not only possible, but desireable. The
student has information that the world needs, and a willingness to teach
and/or share sets in - even if it is just with one's acquaintences.

Freedom - The Juice Feast ends, and a solid move to a plant based
diet (such as David Rainoshek's Four Means to Get Your Greens with
other delicious prepared foods) sets in. With self-knowledge and understanding
about nutrition and other aspects of being having taken a much deeper
hold during the Juice Feast, the student finds themself more autonomous
and self-actualizing, but not in a way that is limited to one's own ego.
Living becomes a worldcentric Act of Love.

I was working on this Stages Conception this morning, and thought
this might help everyone understand where they are with more clarity.

With peaceful steps,

David Rainoshek, MA. www.JuiceFeasting.com

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