Denver Detox


Well.. a lot has transpired within my life since I last posted,
a lot of "normal" "raw vegan" consumption commenced.
Which I do not regret... my body just hasn't been use to
that kind of thing for a rather long time.

I even got my period!! Only for a day.. but wow, it's
still a bizarre thing to me when that happens... I am
not use to getting it any more.


I am starting some massive cleanses this Winter,
including a modified juice cleanse of 92 days.

Check out these websites for more insight:



I plan on completing this cleanse and then re-building my
body afterwards(thru running training)...
More detail to come.


Anonymous said...

Freaky chicks and their eating disorders n___n

Andesuma said...

You sound so intelligent.

g.desilets said...

wow there's some nice comments here ;)

I didn't know you were doing another juice fasting, and that soon after the last one - well it's already been 2 or 3 months but still :) If you feel like it go for it !
I didn't like mine so much - except for the weight I lost quickly, I liked that - I guess it just wasn't the perfect time and I didn't have the perfect ingredients!

I'll probably do this another time someday, or simply dieting on green salads and fruits (low fat and low calorie).
Right now I'm eating more and more raw foods, I've quit completely junk food, and I plan on eating entirely raw or mostly raw (and lots of fruits) this winter, and for always of course.

Take care sweetie, I wish you all the good energy you deserve.