No Good.

Why has the Holiday season become so food oriented?
I realize it's everyone's favorite pass time but ...
isn't there more? can't people be more creative with
how they spend their time??

I've even had sort of withdrawn reactions from people
if I suggest we just go get juice or tea somewhere around
dinner time rather than an actual meal...
Is this so bizarre??

It's not the food I want, it's the company.


Anyhow... I haven't been feeling myself at all
lately, very lethargic actually. I think my body is just
completely overloaded. This seems to happen
when I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders
and even though it's not...and even though I know I am not
all of my mothers problems, I still absorb them and take
them on as if I have to fix everything.
I have to make everything better, because I feel like
everything is always my responsibility.

I was raised being blamed for everything that went wrong..
(and right); as well as in a harshly critical environment.
So this is why I revert to this mentality when I am
around my mother, because she was the source of the criticism.
And even though she's a completely different person now...
there is still a small child inside of me that seeks
intense admiration and validation from those I love.
Even though I have accomplished more than most
in this lifetime, I still do everything I do.. as if it is not enough.
Like I haven't done enough to satisfy what it is inside of me
about to boil over...


I suppose I am not the type to 'reach out' when in need...
I always feel like I can do it on my own.. and I can, but
I am wearing down soo much these days I just don't feel me.

I start cleansing soon, I've decided all juice because... well,
why not? Although I do plan on superfood smoothies as well
later on. I really need to cleanse to keep me sane right now..
otherwise I would just fall into my mothers purgatory.
It's her life, but...it's not mine.. and anytime I am around her;
she never bends. I am always the one that has to bend...
I have to become pliable but I feel like I'm about to break.

I feel sedated and anti-social(even though I've been social);
and just... not me..

I look forward to this long cleanse.



I've been awful at documentation lately, and I haven't
been fully juicing. But I am starting tomorrow...
and more or less..'officially' December 1st, since that
was my original start date... everything up until then
has more or less been preparation.

So, I'll be starting December 1st, I've decided to do
the juice feast modified..but maybe go a month or
so of just juice.. I'm going to listen to my body as I go.

Sorry for the lack of utter enthusiasm.
I'll be shifting this air of stagnant energy soon enough...



Stages in Juice Feasting:

Stages on a Juice Feast:

These are very loose, and I am still working with this
(for Juice Feasting: A Modern Hero's Guide to be out
later this year), but basically we go through these stages:

Excitement - Days leading up to Feasting and the first 1-5 Days

Cleansing/Detox - this starts up pretty soon after beginning
to Juice, and goes noticeably for as long as necessary. Those
with high toxicity/weight levels will find it goes for many, many weeks.

Euphoria - starts to set in periodically as the body rehydrates,
toxicity levels decrease, constipating waste matter leaves, body
image improves, confidence grows, weight loss occurs, sleep is
deeper, etc.

Boredom - A plateau occurs. Weight loss slows or stands still
for 7-14 days in some cases. Physical transformation is not immediately
apparent. Juices all taste the same, or one gets tired of Green Vegetable
Juice, or all juices. Friends/coworkers/family keep asking you to go out,
and if there is not a spiritual/emotional practice in place, boredom and
the desire to return to the world of solid food is pretty strong.

Solidity - A new recognition sets in that progress has been made, and
is being made. A significant difference can be seen in many aspects of one's
being from the days before the Feast began. Confidence grows that a
nutrient-dense plant-based diet and the degree of accomplishment one
can realize on such a cuisine is not only possible, but desireable. The
student has information that the world needs, and a willingness to teach
and/or share sets in - even if it is just with one's acquaintences.

Freedom - The Juice Feast ends, and a solid move to a plant based
diet (such as David Rainoshek's Four Means to Get Your Greens with
other delicious prepared foods) sets in. With self-knowledge and understanding
about nutrition and other aspects of being having taken a much deeper
hold during the Juice Feast, the student finds themself more autonomous
and self-actualizing, but not in a way that is limited to one's own ego.
Living becomes a worldcentric Act of Love.

I was working on this Stages Conception this morning, and thought
this might help everyone understand where they are with more clarity.

With peaceful steps,

David Rainoshek, MA. www.JuiceFeasting.com


Denver Detox


Well.. a lot has transpired within my life since I last posted,
a lot of "normal" "raw vegan" consumption commenced.
Which I do not regret... my body just hasn't been use to
that kind of thing for a rather long time.

I even got my period!! Only for a day.. but wow, it's
still a bizarre thing to me when that happens... I am
not use to getting it any more.


I am starting some massive cleanses this Winter,
including a modified juice cleanse of 92 days.

Check out these websites for more insight:



I plan on completing this cleanse and then re-building my
body afterwards(thru running training)...
More detail to come.