Personal Truth ]

A brief synopsis of My Dietary History;

- I was raised vegetarian

- I first became interested in veganism when
I was researching a lot of philosophy at ages 9 & 10.
Primarily, Franz Kafka played an important role in my transition.

- I decided to go vegan for health reasons around ages 10/11
upon the death of my Grandmother (aka. my second mother);
She died of the chemotherapy that was being used to treat
her ovarian cancer; which she struggled with for years...
she lost two battles.
I made the decision to break the cycle.
This is when I became fueled with passion &
conviction for this way of life.

- I started researching and purchasing
almost solely organic products when I was 14.
This is when I discovered natural food stores
(though in the mid-west, they were very small at the time).
I started predominantly shopping at these stores,
no matter the drive; even when I first got my license...
I drove a good 20-40 minutes; just to shop at Good Earth.

- Even though I purchased solely organic..
I was experiencing crippling depression, and went thru
the rounds at medical offices; clinics, and psych wards.
To sum up the novel that is this time in my life, I was very sick.
I also did a lot of dietary experimentation at this time,
experimenting with Macrobiotics, wheat-free, etc.

But I remained sick...
Both mentally, and emotionally.

And to top it off...I was poisoning myself with medication.
I was treating the symptoms.

- My uncle dies from a drug overdose(suicide);
He had been suffering with mental problems and lifes turmoil
as long as I had known him, it appeared imminent.
He was diagnosed bi-polar.
His overdose was on lithium, one of the medications
I was on at the time.

- After starting to improve my diet... and experiencing
years of disordered eating habits, poor body image,
low self-esteem.. etc. I knew everything I needed to do
to heal... but at this time, I saw no light.
Only darkness.

- My aunt commits suicide, via drug overdose.
She was also diagnosed bi-polar, and had been struggling
with depression, along with many other emotional problems
for ... as long as I had known her.
After her suicide... is when I got into raw foods, I was 17.

- I'm 18, living in California; and end up seeing a story about
Supermodel Carol Alt healing herself with raw foods;
she talks about how amazing she feels; and that she
hadn't been sick in almost 8 years.
This is when I make the decision to change my life.


And, aside from one 'healing crisis', topped with a fever
(which I took nothing for); I have not been sick since!
I have not been sick in well over 6 years now.

- Transitioning to raw foods was definitely a task...
it took a lot of adjusting, my first 2 years were predominantly
75%+ raw...
I took a transitional approach, because I feel it is best for the body.

- I remain 95-100% raw, at all times; and have been for
several years now. I still experience no illness, what so ever.

I have no doubt in my mind, that I will remain raw
for the rest of my life.
I couldn't imagine living any other way.


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