Our Emotional Bombs


I have been pondering familial love lately.
So many friends of mine... make
friendship like family.

Now, this is a beautiful frame of mind to be in.
Really... it is the only way to be.
But so often, these people seem to have a lot of
"family emotional baggage".
A lot of excess in the past, that has yet to be resolved.
That may never be resolved.

But... when they lose that family, what happens?
What happens then?

I feel as though... we are all like ticking time bombs.
We have not healed the family unit from which we came..
and so, so many constantly seek to fill that void with others.
They don't go to the source. They just create more problems...
by broken dating, broken hearts, broken lyrics and creation
that is beautifully beaming out from our souls.
Is dating the product of feeling lost?

Do people constantly seek others that know how to love,
because that is the void we are all, constantly,
desperately trying to fill?

I believe so.
I believe for anyone to have a healthy relationship with another...
they need to approach all problems, past & present,
with complete and utter compassion.
They need to have understanding to transcend.

We are all family.
But we don't need to throw our biological family away to realize this...

We are all family.


g.desilets said...

hm, I don't know what to comment on this, too many things, evanescent thoughts that vanish and reappear... all the souvenirs from all the relations with others. With me it always been either too intense or dead. It's strange but I feel that now I would live better without any emotions toward others that would involve an attach to someone. But that doesn't mean I can't do good to others and vice-versa.

Andesuma said...

I completely agree!!
Too intense or dead... that is a fabulous description.

I think artists just seeks muses.
Sometimes we find the eternal muse.
But .. that cannot happen without
real love and real ambition with both
parties involved.

I think I was built to create, not
be sucked into relationships all
of the time...