Day 41:

Sept. 10th consumption:
(please bare in mind, ALL ingredients are organic)

1000 ml. -
cucumber juice/filtered water
1 giant head romaine lettuce
1 handful mache'
lemon juice
1 tsp. bee pollen
2 heaping tsp. Giacomo Greens(spirulina & chlorella)
1 tsp. Barley Grass powder
frozen raspberries/blackberries
1 banana

300 ml. -
pineapple/orange/grape juice

500 ml.-
Mango salsa
mango/tomato/red pepper/garlic/cilantro
/red onion/himaylan salt

(why did you have to mention Gazpacho, Sarah?! haha)

2-3 liters water



The most beautiful thing happened last night.

When I was walking around downtown later at night,
these three guys kept yelling things at me...
hitting on me, cat calls, etc. One of them came
over to me, the most attractive one.. he was very cute.
He was like.. "please don't listen to them..., whats your name?"
(as he took my hand), I told him 'Ande', and he introduced himself,
Jeremy. Then he said.. " you... are absolutely gorgeous. " ,
"really... just stunning".

I said "Thank you" and smiled very big. :D
He told me to have a wonderful night,
and I told him the same.

Someone who knows how to compliment.

Thank you for making my night, Jeremy.


ALSO! My Gaia Feminization Theory is finally
bearing some statistical/scientific fruit!!
Read the latest Well Being Journal magazine for more insight...

But basically the same logic as natural selection...
always working in favor of the creator, The original.

We are growing. We are changing, biologically.
Mother Nature will see to it that we do not destroy her...
just sit back and watch the magick unfold.

Because, it's going to be beautiful.

If you'd like to here any of my theories in depth,
...all you have to do is ask.


"From the right to know and the duty to inquire
flows the obligation to act." ~Sandra Steingraber

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