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Sept. 24th consumption:
(please bare in mind, ALL ingredients are organic)

1 big handful green grapes
2 mangoes
1 peach
1 banana
1 bag of red grapes

300 ml. -
Genesis juice Herbal fruit tonic.(raw, local)

1 bowl Spicy Salsa, w/ diced lemon cucumbers
(minus the garlic) ;)

2 bowls salsa, with spiced pumpkins seeds
2 handfuls pumpkins seeds

2-3 liters water


I've been eating the mangoes @ around 3am, lately..
Not good, I need to get back to a regular eating schedule..

Not to mention my ridiculous (none)sleeping schedule.
(Chi out of balance perhaps...
topped with abundant fruit consumption ;D)


I'll be attending yoga class with Kris and Kristy
in Denver, CO. in less than two weeks. :)
I am excited to meet all of their wonderful friends,
and explore the Denver cityscapes that I have dreamt of,
but haven't spent significant time in, in years.

A few decisions I have shifted upon this morning:

- I think I am going to start making YouTube videos.
(I believe this world needs more impressive rawfoodists
out there.. I'm finally to a point, where I have experimented
enough, done enough research, and lived this lifestyle
long enough... that I want to start really just beaming out
my inner wisdom)

- I'll be writing up some entries soon.. about traveling
and eating raw, as well as grocery shopping suggestions
and tips.


My subtle rant:

Why is David Wolfe comparing a whales bodily
functions to a humans when it comes to child nutrition??

I watch all of these videos of... less than impressive raw foodists,
some of their stories are really amazing.

But, some of the things these people say.. especially
especially when they are trying to sell you a product.
Can be dangerous.

Even in this beautiful movement, there are Wolfe's.
Do not trust everything they tell you... experiment
for yourself, see how your body reacts;
we are ALL divinely different beings.
What works for me, might not work for you.


I am spending my morning watching videos
on child birth and child nutrition.

The lovely Storm and Jinjee have been raising
their entire family of 6 children, all raw vegan.
Please visit:

1 comment:

g.desilets said...

ahah I like when you say : even in the raw world, "there are Wolfe's. " That's true.

That's a fantastic idea, you definitely should make some youtube videos. Showing the good example, of how a person can live happy, by the code of peace, compassion and sharing. This will contrast with their stressful life of eating corpses, as if it wasn't a choice. People have forgotten the notion of choosing, and they can't make any choices anymore. When they see someone who chose to live a different life they don't fully understand what they're confronted to.

You're eating well after your cleansing, you're still drinking some of the same good stuff.
Cheers, you have a great day my dear. Create, be happy, learn, teach... : )