Our Colon Connection

The benefits of colon hydrotherapy are many:

- It cleans and tones the colon in a gentle way
using purified water, unlike harsh laxatives which
irritate and damage the colon.

- It speeds up weight loss and detoxification.
The colon is your largest organ of elimination.
Weight loss results are enhanced by having a colonic treatment.
According to Niamh “there is no point in detoxing
your liver or trying to lose weight if your colon
is not eliminating properly. We store toxins in our fat
which are released as we are losing weight. If there is
no exit channel out of the body where do you think those
wastes go? It’s no wonder people feel irritated and anxious
when losing weight. Their bodies are flooded with toxins!”

- It improves skin condition. Our skin condition is a reflection
of the health of our colon. Niamh says “one of the colons function
is to absorb water into the bloodstream, if the colon is blocked
with dehydrated stool this absorption is reduced resulting in
dry dehydrated skin. My customers glow after a few treatments
and this lasts much longer than any facial”.

- In Chinese medicine we hold our emotions in the colon, colon
hydrotherapy helps us to release pent up emotions and move on.
Niamh agrees with this “I have seen so many people let go of
past negative emotions or have the strength to make changes in
their lives that they may have been contemplating for years.
It gives people a clean slate feeling. Unfortunately this means
many of my customers are now living in New Zealand or Australia!”

- It generates a feeling of lightness, happiness and increases
energy in the healthy.

- The colon either directly or indirectly touches every part of
the body except the brain. Reducing the size of the colon by
cleansing reduces the pressure on all the other body organs,
allowing them to function better.


Emotions and Disease.

Is your sickness related to your emotions??



The large intestine has more nerve endings, neuron pathways
than the human brain. Over 80% of the seratonin(responsible
for feeling good and other positive emotions), are produced in
the colon. Nutrient absorption is done in the small intestine.

Think of depression... about how many people you know,
that just don't feel good.. but can't explain why.
My personal opinion, is that your emotions have everything to
do with your diet, as well as blockages within your small intestine;
hindering neuro-transmitter production as well as nutrient


I remember discussing the colon with Alec(www.chakra17.com)
awhile back..and him telling me how messed up, and out of
place most colons are. How most people don't even have a
"normal" shaped colon anymore because of debri and mucous
build up.


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