Mother Earth:

"We share our mothers health"

Sometimes I wonder..
what would this world be like, if we all took
care of our mothers? I mean, really... loved them,
nurtured them, showed them what someone
genuinely loving them was like.
Showed them love as a full spectrum emotion,
and not an emotion termed by possession,
or material things, or by something
other than what it truly is... intangible.

What if the solution to global healing,
real awakening... is healing ourselves.
And showing our parents how.

What if that's all it really took.

We are spiritually unfulfilled, we are..
walking voids, in a sense.
What if learning how to truly love our mother,
instead of our ego, is what would endlessly fill our void...

Real love is an action. An expression.
Something that is not of logic or reason,
but something we can feel...
Love, is something we have access
to feel, at any given time. In any given circumstance.

Love is felt naturally, and fluidly,
by the human body.. when it is
in a clean and natural state. It is endless.

And how is that not enough?


I believe it is.
I believe we need to learn to love our mothers.

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Anonymous said...

Lemon Cucumber is my all time favorite. I tried it for the first time at People's co-op.
I can't wait to join you sweetie. We have to get together soon. Right now I'm preparing myself. I'm making a green drink in the morning, for mid-day. Usually a big salad or a lettuce wrap for dinner, and after I have some citrus.
Today I made, cold jar of water, 2 celery stalks, fresh basil, 3 big things of red chard, and one jazz apple. The color was red on the bottom and light green on top. It tasted just as beautiful as it looked. I'm highly hooked on putting fresh basil in my green drinks now.
<3 Tasha