Mindless consumption vs. Meaningful consumption

Mindless consumption vs. Meaningful consumption

When we mindlessly consume products,
we take in the energy that was expended, produced,
and released because of that product.
We create the Law of Attraction.

This is where the saying... "Money can't buy you love"
comes in.

So often, we choose to mindlessly consume...
We choose to be mindfully ignorant about our purchases.
Not truly understanding that there is a PERSON affected,
and behind every purchase, or choice, we decide to make.
Existence is interdependent.


I choose to deam myself, a 'meaningful consumer',
when I consume that is... I buy over 90% of everything I own,

This has NOTHING to do with price. Absolutely nothing.
It has everything to do with what is RIGHT,
knowing that by not purchasing something new;
I am not feeding into a false illusion of high quality.
It's all really just dirty dirty Chinese tears.
It's pain, it misery. It's gluttony.

Think for yourself, and question why you do EVERYTHING
you do. Buy local, fair-trade and second-hand whenever possible,
because...it matters. It matters what you do.
It is about what we support, WHO we are really supporting.
(because, in the court of law, corporations ARE viewed
as having all the rights of a human being.
Which technically makes them Psycho/Socio paths, running
rampant with money, power, and greed. Fueled by endless hunger.)

This life is not about calling someone a hypocrite.
It's not about fueling your ego, in the sense of thinking that you are
really better than anyone else. Because, you're not.
We are all the same, on so many levels.

To me, when it comes to being hypocritical, it is more about
doing everything you can, to diminish that title.
Acting the best you know how.
Respecting others, and their emotions.
Feeling as deeply as you know how to feel.

We are ALL hypocrites, in some way or another.
But that doesn't mean we need to stop learning, stop growing,
and stop progressing.
Our future really lies in how much we are
able to progress as a species.

We need to learn to act wisely.


"Do not mistake fact for personal truth"

- me

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