[The Emotional Colon]

I just had the most amazing colon hydrotherapy/
emotional release experience of my life!! :D
Definitely old, tar-like mucous coming out of me...
gross. I'd rather have it OUT of my system though.

Something deep seeded came out of me, I could feel it.
After it was removed, I felt HIGH, I felt AMAZING.
OMG! I cannot even describe the vibrations
that flowed threw my body....
WOW WOW WOW. This is SO freaking cool.

I can feel that I still have some things to get out,
my 'liver' section in my colon was sensitive today.
(anger) And my left lung is also alittle sore.
(sorrow... grief... definitely what I've been feeling.)

I feel freaking amazing right now though.... wow.

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