Our ability to forgive... lies in our physical healing.
Our ability to heal ourselves, energetically.

"The large Intestine is said to “leave us pure and brilliant”.
Through its releasing nature it allows us let go of what is un-
needed physically, allowing us to rid our bodies of unwanted waste
materials and toxins. Yet, this organ is also connected to what we are
able to let go of emotionally. One of the positive emotions associated
with the Large intestine is forgiveness…in other words, are we able
let go of our issues and move on with forgiveness?
This is the question and suggestion that the large intestine brings
to the autumn table. If we listen to the symbolic language that our
body and soul communicate in, we can learn a great deal about
ourselves. Symbolically speaking, the large intestine holds onto our
true essence and releases impurities, helping us to let go of old,
unnecessary habits, toxic emotions, and resistances. Through it’s
action of physically releasing wastes and toxins, it represents
our capacity to let go, release, forgive, and ‘move on’ to what
is physically and emotionally more pure.

The emotional qualities associated with this season and these two
organ systems are sadness, grief, self-righteousness, strength,
courage, forgiveness, and purity.
When sadness is present in our lives it affects the health and strength
of the lungs. Conversely, when our lungs are compromised due to colds,
flu’s, chronic ailments and smoking habits, they can also generate
feelings of sadness and attachment. Similarly, when we have difficulty
letting go of things emotionally the large intestine can be affected
and present with symptoms such as constipation or pain in order
to reflect the need for letting go on many levels."


From the center of the atom, our ability is great.

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