Day 9:

Aug. 9th consumption:
(please bare in mind, ALL ingredients are organic)

500ml -
Cold water with fresh lemon (I've been having this a lot lately..)

1250 ml. -
filtered water
4 leaves red kale
4 leaves dino kale
5 handfuls mesclun/mixed greens
1 heaping tsp. Spirulina
2 heaping tsp. Vitamineral Greens
1/2 white peach
1/2 peach
Frozen strawberries
1 banana

700 ml. - Laughable Juice
(I call it this because of it's experimental nature..hah)

Red cabbage
2 sticks celery
3 handfuls baby spinach
Carrot greens
piece of fennel
5 leaves rainbow chard

I think that was it?
It turned out a very deep green... earthy and VERY good.
Just celery enough.

2 white peaches & 1 banana blended

2 liters water



We live in a stinky... stinky, world.
That typically smells of dumpster, at nearly all times.
My sense of smell is overwhelming lately.. I can smell everything.
Is it possible to have a selective sense of smell??
I wonder, because I need to learn.

People smell bad.
Their alcohol consumption is beyond overwhelming...
The air smells awful.
We make the air smell awful...

I really need to start going to clubs where there is no smoking.
(or drinking, ugh)
I'm far too sensitive to it. There was only two people smoking
last night...in a three level club.. and today I can feel it pouring
out of my system. It hits me like a truck.. everytime.
This body does not deserve that. This toxic world.

This body deserves Fresh air. Clean water
(I mean... really clean, not plastic leaching-bottle illusion
of clean) Clean land. The way our Mother Earth made it.
When you eat this way and clean out, you start to really...
really, feel this.

I know of raw foodists that live in the jungle in remote regions
because they can't take the toxicity of anywhere near a city.

Sometimes... when we are so ambitious, especially
within a public medium,
within an industry that is so harsh.. I wonder.

What is more important, our ambition... or our health?
I guess it just comes down to the largest way...
the biggest scale that you can possibly reach, to help others.
And that is what I am beginning to do.

**boob update**
they have officially deflated, well... they are back to normal.
That was so bizarre(this is coming from someone who hasn't
experienced pms etc. in a very very long time)...
I felt like the juice were acting as growth hormones or something! haha


"Life is shorter than you think, live up to it"

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