Day 8:

Aug. 8th consumption:
(please bare in mind, ALL ingredients are organic)

1200 ml. -
filtered water
lemon juice
1 bunch spinach
1 heaping tsp. Giacomo Greens
2 heaping tsp. Vitamineral Greens
1/2 white peach
Frozen boysenberries
4 frozen strawberries
1 banana

2 apples blended with water/lime juice.

3-4 liters water
(a lot of dancing.. and sweating)


I ended up doing something blended because
I didn't have time to strain something for juice... I shall,
tomorrow though. Tiring day.

Weird sleep... weird everything.
Everything has been busy. Intense and weird.

And, .... I have a pimple!!!
This is the weirdest thing... ever.

I haven't had a single blemish in over 7 years.
My skin is typically flawless(without ANY products,
just coconut facial wash * jojoba oil)...
so, it's really weird "feeling" a pimple. hmm.....

Definitely means my body is unloading some acidic waste.

Also, my boobs feel huge!!
I feel like I'm in Angelina Jolie's body right now...

mmmmm.... hmm, hopefully they'll deflate;
or maybe they aren't as big as they feel...
This is bizarre.

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