Day 7:

Aug. 7th consumption:
(please bare in mind, ALL ingredients are organic)

Lemon cucumber & lemon water (my favorite!)

1500 ml. - (haha, unintentionally huge.)
filtered water
5 enormous dino kale leaves
4 handfuls mesclun/mixed greens
2 heaping tsp. Giacomo Greens
1 tsp. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Oil (finally...some Omegas!)
Frozen strawberries
Frozen boysenberries
(to note: all frozen berries I use, are local and very expensive..hah)

1 apple blended with water.

2-3 liters water


You know.. it's become very apparent to me,
why I like being alone so much...
It is because, through out my life..
the presence of other people, has typically,
done nothing but harm me. It has been
an interference. I think from a very very early age..
I knew this world was toxic.
I did originally go vegan, for health reasons.
But I do realize health is a constantly balancing factor...
a full spectrum, made up of many components.

I am finding that the reason I need such
incredible amounts of alone time, sometimes;
is because that's one of the only times I genuinely feel GOOD.
When I genuinely feel ME. Without interference.
I am grateful now.. that I have been strong enough, within myself,
for several years now... that I don't absorb others
as much as I use to.... absorb their energy.
I am able to control it now.

My mother is going thru a lot right now, and I am being
there for her as much as possible.... I am being the strength,
the catalyst, the protector. But it eats me alive sometimes...
the way she medicates herself. And if I even dare to say anything REAL,
if I tell her what the TRUTH is... she freaks out on me.
She acts like a little child when I take her little lollipop away.

As long as everyone is apart of the problem, there will always be a problem.
We must pursue genuine solutions.
We must experiment!

Because of recent upheaval of emotions... because I am
absorbing SO much negative right now spending time with her,
but she NEEDS me around her...
I will be kicking it up a notch to JUICE ONLY..possibly for the remainder of the feast...
I believe this will help bring more positive into a negative situation...

I am fighting fire with fire... but my fire remains a stronger, positive force.
I will not start a war inside of this body.


Also, period gone! almost 2 days, very light flow...obviously.
I love that I am talking about my period to a black void box right now. :P


And I was talking to Giacomo earlier today... I feel like I'm "nesting"
I just want to make food for everyone and anyone!
I feel like I just want to 'touch' produce..


All beings, grass and trees, when alive, are soft and bending

When dead they are dry and brittle.

Therefore the hard and unyielding are companions of death,

The soft and yielding are companions of life.

Under heaven nothing is more soft and yielding than water.

Yet for attacking the solid and strong, nothing is better;

It has no equal.

The weak can overcome the strong;

The supple can overcome the stiff.

- Lao Tzu

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