Day 6: Blood Detox

Aug 6th consumption:
(please bare in mind, ALL ingredients are organic)

Cucumber water

1250 ml. -
filtered water
1/2 head red lettuce
7 dino kale leaves(MASSIVE)
1 heaping tsp. Giacomo Greens
2 heaping tsp. Vitamineral Greens
Frozen blueberries
1 banana

500 ml. -
Green grape juice.
(do NOT advise.. haha, way too much sugar.)

2-3 liters water


Wow, got my period yesterday. Haven't gotten that in over 2 years.
(a lot of things, physiologically, change when you go raw vegan...).
What is called "normal", is not really... "normal"... ?
I am not longer "use" to getting my period,
so it feels extremely foreign to me....
In ancient Indian practices, say that...
"the blood that comes out during menstruation is dead
blood to the body.."

I believe this. I use to get the worst cramps...
my period use to cripple me. Until I cleaned up my diet ;)
I know that I still ovulate, but I do not bleed out.. typically.
I know it was the beet/beet greens juice I had that triggered it.

I feel this will probably be the 'last' period I'll be getting
for a looong time... Thank god, it's weird... hah


Also experiencing a lot of emotional detox/irritability today.
I had to cancel plans with several good friends because of it.. :(


I did massive research on beets, and found they are good for
the liver to detox. Which makes perfect sense, since my "liver section"
in my colon last night was VERY tender during my enema.
It makes me glad to know the human body inside
and out as well as I do...I'm glad I grew up around medical professionals,
and science geeks.
I am also very thankful for my lovely colon hydrotherapists
Alec and Kristin, they are the most beautiful creatures alive.
If you are skeptical about colonics, just MEET a colon hydrotherapist
and you will be a believer ;)

I have studied extensively what emotions are attached to
what sections of the large intestine, and I also have personally
experienced this being a reality. I know my liver still has some
work to do.. when it comes to detoxing all of the meds,
I've taken in my life. It stores everything.
But I feel it is strong... it is swollen now, but not overtaxed. :)

Also, I have some CRAZY physical healing/regeneration going on right now...

I am currently taking care of a friends feline, her name is Maddie,
she's super emotional but only trusts me... She's very sweet,
when she warms up to you. Yesterday she bit me & scratched me
alittle too forcefully while we were "bonding"..
She left four obvious scratches on my lower right forearm, near my wrist, they bled.

Today, the scratches are COMPLETELY GONE. Like... no scars.
*twilight zone music*

I've experienced a lot of things like this occuring since I've been raw vegan..
but...Jesus Christ. Amazing.

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