Day 5:

Aug 5th consumption:
(please bare in mind, ALL ingredients are organic)

250 ml. -
Cucumber/lemon water

750 ml. -
filtered water
4 handfuls mesclun/mixed greens
1 tsp. Vitamineral Greens
2 tsp. Giacomo Greens
1/2 peach
Frozen blueberries
2 bananas

500 ml. of Sexeh Juice -
filtered water
1/2 head of red lettuce
1/2 bunch beet greens
1 small beet (I was craving them..)
1/2 Braeburn apple
1/2 regular sized :/ cucumber

2-3 liter of water


For the record, I do not currently own a juicer.
Actually, I haven't had one in almost 4 years...
I am making everything with a Cuisin
Art blender & a strainer :D

I kind of like this method... I get to play with the pulp!
And it reminds me of applesauce I use to love as a child.


Slept well, though no enema.
I will try and keep up with them,
I always sleep the deepest when I clean
out my large intestine.
That's one of the most distinct things
I noticed about getting my first colonic... how deeply I slept.
I'm sure there was subconscious astral projection
that commenced in my dreams.. ;P

Massive Spiritual development today!
Waves and waves of universal vibrations....
I feel it.. I feel it pulsing thru me.
I feel everything and everyone. The good energy,
the bad. Kind of like.. I feel the universal rhythm.

Also... my kitty Nemo has been following me
around like a little puppy, since I started this.
haha, he must dig my energy ;)
He's sleeping on my Juicefeasting Handbook right now..hah

I'll upload photos soon...


You know, sometimes I don't think people know
or want to admit, that..., YOU have COMPLETE
control over how you feel(or don't feel), AT ALL TIMES.

Coming from someone who use to be
manic depressive/diagnosed & medicated bi-polar.
Living in constant extremes, constant chaos.
Diagnosed PTSD, Social Anxiety Disorder,
Depression & Schizophrenia Personality
type (schizoid typical) diagnosis.

Run thru the trial & error process of anti-depressants,
anti-psychotics, anti-seizure, -& every experimental medication-
beta blockers, until very high doses of Lithium
were prescribed. Hospitalizations, etc. etc.
(and no, I do not exaggerate.)

But that is an insane nutshell of what I have experienced ...
I chose to heal MYSELF, I will not "medicate" my problems.

We all need to experience our own personal truths.
I am a true testament as to what proper nutrition
can do for your mind.. your emotions, your spirit.

(I believe)You can heal yourself from anything.


___________________________ _______________

Andesuma Applesauce::

Blend even purportions of which ever apples you'd like,
with a little bit of water for creaminess.

Add 1-3 dates for sweetness.
(optional) small pinch of Himalyan Salt/Celtic Sea salt

Top(or blend in) sprinkles of cinnamon!

Eat with a baby spoon.



g.desilets said...

you're right about the total control we have on our life, our feelings, everything. If people would admit that and be less plaintive and start taking control of their own lives perhaps it could make a better world. You're right abot the healing. I hope there would be more money and energy spent on finding what cause cancers than spending on trying to find cures. We already know how to heal cancers (stop cigarettes, stress and poisonous food) but nobody want to admit it. And the best cure for cancers and all diseases is a cleansing like what you're doing right now !

Andesuma said...

aww.. thank you for following my blog William. Reading yours will help my French, wee? ;)