Day 31:

Aug. 31st consumption:
(please bare in mind, ALL ingredients are organic)

300 ml. -
banana/blackberry blend

500 ml. -
Homemade (raw) Gazpacho!

500 ml. -
cucumber/tomato/parsley/cilantro/Vitamineral Greens juice
with lemon juice.

500 ml. -
More Gazpacho..



So, for the past several days, and a few times before that...
I had really intense cravings for tomatoes and garlic!!
My body is definitely craving natural sodium and sulfur rich things..
(since herbs have been very satisfying lately).
So, I gave it what it asked for. ;)

And it tastes amaaaaaazing.

Also... I have always wondered... why do they cook Gazpacho
when it is served cold??
I do not understand this.


Today I made(for my mother, not myself):

- Tofu Salad

- Salsa & Gazpacho

- Mixed greens salad with chopped cucumber,
tomato, avocado, raw hemp oil, lemon juice&
seasoning topped with baked tofu slices.

-Eggplant Parmesan:
Eggplant slices sauteed in garlic & onion extra virgin olive oil.
Topped with homemade marinara sauce, garlic & herbs,
bread crumbs; mozzarella(very little...I tried to make it
very healthy), layered and topped with parmesan.

-Eggplant Cilantro toss:
Sauteed seasoned eggplant, tossed with pesto
and freshly chopped tomato. Minced cilantro added,
with some marinara sauce.
(I just tossed this together, to be eaten like a salad of sorts...)

I made up all the recipes I made today.
A lot of it was my first time making some things...
my mother LOVES eggplant, she also loves convenience.
So, I've been trying to be a lovely daughter chef and
make her everything she desires, as vegan and
as healthy as possible. :)
Always with organic ingredients, of course.

I'm such a little chef ;D

I love making food for others. Be it vegetarian or vegan,
cooked or raw. I love it all. I love to create.
Give me anything, and I will make something with it.


Also, today I ordered:
Organic Tahitian Grade A Vanilla Beans
Maca (raw, certified organic) Powder
BarleyMax Powder
Pure Radiance C Powder

I LOVE Vanilla bean. Ani got me hooked on them several years ago.
They are a wonderous food... I cannot wait to add them to my smoothies ^_^

I haven't consumed Maca in many months... I use to have it regularly.
The Daily Grind closed, and I ended up not having much of
a source for it, other than online.

I am also going to go purchase more bee pollen tomorrow...


"The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while Nature cures the disease" ~Voltaire

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