Day 30:

Aug. 30th consumption:
(please bare in mind, ALL ingredients are organic)

1150 ml. -
cucumber juice
7 leaves dino kale
3 handfuls mesclun greens
lemon juice
2 tsp. Vitamineral Greens
1 tsp. Giacomo Greens
frozen blackberries
1 banana

800 ml. -
filtered water
spinach/green lettuce/chard mixed greens
lime juice
2 heaping tsp. Giacomo Greens
1 mango
frozen blackberries
1 banana

3 blended peaches (late night again)



Did you know that when you add citrus to greens it enhances
your bodies ability to absorb the nutrients?
Especially iron & Vitamin C. :)


"Ability is sexless." ~Christabel Pankhurst

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