Day 29:

Aug. 29th consumption:
(please bare in mind, ALL ingredients are organic)

1200 ml. -
filtered water
few leaves green lettuce
3/4 bunch spinach
1/2 cucumber
2 tsp. Vitamineral Greens
2 tsp. Giacomo Greens
frozen blackberries
1 banana

1000 ml. -
cucumber juice
1/2 bag herb mesclun mix
1 leaf curly kale
1 tsp. Giacomo Greens
1/2 mango
frozen blackberries
1/2 banana

300 ml. -
pineapple juice

Blended mango & banana (late night. ugh..hah)




You know... it is not living the dream that is the difficult part in life.
It's pushing yourself creatively while you do it.
Pushing your limits, expanding your thresholds.

I've always pursued my passion. I've always done what I wanted to do.
But... manifesting on a global level? out in the open for everyone to see?
Is that really the sacred space we all need??

Or in this world of such rampant consumers...
does that not make us expendable?
do we hold it in to protect ourselves?


"What lies behind us and what lies
before us are tiny matters
compared to what lies within us."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

'The true mystery of the world is
the visible, not the invisible."
~Oscar Wilde

"Life shrinks or expands in
proportion to one's courage."
~Anis Nin

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