Day 20:

Aug. 20th consumption:
(please bare in mind, ALL ingredients are organic)

Cold water with lemon

1000 ml.-
cucumber juice/water
1 head red lettuce
2 tsp. Giacomo Greens
frozen blueberries
1 banana

300 ml. -
cucumber juice



Yum, that cucumber juice really rocks my system.
I think I will drink more.

Isn't that SO American of me?? haha,
You like something, and you want MORE. :P


Sometimes... I feel like such an alien in a strange place.
A strange planet, that I don't really feel apart of.
Which is ok... but it can feel lonely at times.

I have always felt very...very much on the 'outside',
for having such inner clarity.
For understanding my life, and where I need to go to
do what I need to do. I have immense clarity about myself,
and my "path".

I find over and over again, rarely others do.
They "go with the flow", instead of nurturing, pursuing,
and creating... the flow. I'd rather be the current.
I'd rather be the renegade.

Because I realize... that just because something is common
(like a cold.. like a headache..), or considered 'normal',
does not make it any less bizarre.
The pain in your life is completely dependent upon, your perception.

What is pain?
What is a ..barrier?
An obstacle?
What is a challenge?

Thinking of these things... is something vital to our existence.
We must reinvent ourselves... we must be pioneers.


A thought crossed my mind today, involving artistic expression.

Maybe I will always feel as though
I am showing small pieces.

Because what is inside, is infinite.


"Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing."

"Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding."

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

~Albert Einstein

"Every act of creation, is at first an act of destruction"
~ Pablo Picasso

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