Day 18:

Aug. 18th consumption:
(please bare in mind, ALL ingredients are organic)

Cold water with fresh lemon

500 ml. -
Romaine lettuce/cucumber/lemon juice

More blended red grapes with water,
my body liked it this time :)



WOW, I feel in SUCH a different space today.
Finally experiencing some physical detox
(aside from enemas) My tongue has been swollen
and definitely has a white bacteria film.(which I keep cleaning off)
It's also been pretty sore.

I remember Angela(www.rawreform.com)
mentioning something about her tongue being swollen
for a few days, and that she felt it was related to
pharmacuticals she had taken in her life.

Good!! I'm glad some of it is coming out.

Also, mucous coming out of my throat.
I use to get sore throats as a child... so I
hope this is clearing some old stuff out. Man...
I can't even think of what it would be like to 'be sick'.
It's such a foreign concept to me now... over 6 years...
I've had my "healing crisis"moment, long ago,
and now.. it's more mild detox. But deeper.


We are Human Beings.
We are life generators, life creators.
We create.

This is how we leave it behind...
this is how we grow, and destroy any minut
trace of self-destructive behavior.
Kill your cycles. Destroy your resistance.

You are doing this existence no good, if you aren't trying
and be the BEST person you know how to be.

To settle is to consume stagnancy and death.
Destroy all of the death inside of you!

Live! Live! Live!


"My will exceeds my talents."

~Edvard Munch

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