Day 16:

Aug. 16th consumption:
(please bare in mind, ALL ingredients are organic)

Cold water with fresh lemon

1000 ml. -
filtered water
4 leaves rainbow chard
2 handfuls baby spinach
1 heaping tsp. Green Vibrance
2 tsp. Giacomo Greens
1/2 cucumber
1 handful blueberries
frozen peaches
1 banana

500 ml. -
filtered water
1/2 head romaine lettuce
1/2 cucumber
1 1/2 apples(fuji & pacific queen)
juice of 2 slices of orange.



Feeling very clean today. I think my enemas are starting
to get some deep stuff out... I'm feeling the "need"
for a colonic soon. So, maybe the 20th?
I'd like to do more green juice first.

I LOVE Chakra 17. (www.chakra17.com)
It's the only one like it in the country.
It's like a bedroom/bathroom mixture in a house,
low lighting, peaceful, calm.
You lay on the bed during the entire thing,
and receive reiki energy work! I love the experience.
It's extremely healing and nurturing.

I've been deeply contemplating working as a
colon hydrotherapist ever since I got my first one...
hmmm..... I will ask Wendy about her programs. She is amazing.
She healed herself from cancer thru a vegan/raw diet & colon hydrotherapy.


Never doubt the human body.
Never doubt taking away the interuption to health.. and cleaning out.
Never doubt.


Also I find it very curious that a massive
heatwave hit Portland when I started this... :D
So, while everyone is dying from the heat, in
the hundreds now, I find it moderately rejuvenating :)
It doesn't seem to cripple me, like it seems to everyone else...

My bodies just saying "finally, summer!!" haha
Though hopefully the rain will start again in Sept.,
I can see how I would miss it.
But I miss thunderstorms more :(

There have only been TWO this year...
The first one, was majestic thunder and lighting,
and I was running on the track that night.
In it.. fucking brilliant. Energy. My god.
I felt SO connected to the earth/universe/nature,
I've never felt a rush like that, ever before in my entire life...

And the second one I was shooting photos for a photoshoot,
outside. :D

*regeneration update*
Old scars almost completely gone!!
This is insane...
How fast it's happening... wow.


Question of the day:

Can we, exist without ego?

Do we know what it means to live without ego?


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