Day 15:

Aug. 15th consumption:
(please bare in mind, ALL ingredients are organic)

Blended cucumbers! Yum!
(they are inseason..so..
that, and I think my brain is secretly manifesting
sexual frustration thru other avenues...hah ;P)

800 ml -
filtered water
5 leaves dino kale
3/4 head green lettuce
2 heaping tsp. Giacomo Greens
1/2 Fuji apple
frozen strawberries
1/2 gigantor banana... again.. and again...



Whilst slicing up the apple today... I couldn't help but
ponder the difference between an apple, any apple today..
and one, hundreds of years ago; even thousands of years ago.
Man's "ability" to "manipulate" nature, is.... quite pathetic.
Irresponsibly arrogant.
In the sense...

Apples now are 10 times sweeter than their ancestors,
but nutritionally... near void. (which is why organic/local IS important),
we have to consume nearly 5 apples more
than our grandparents had to.. to get the same amount
of nutrition they received in 1 small apple.

Now, most raw fooders/gurus/whatever, will tell you...
this is why juice is so important.
But, if sugar is sugar, and apples are too sweet.
That juice isn't really the "heal all, be all"
that it claims. You know?

You're getting WAY too much sugar, and hardly proper nutrition.
It's quite perplexing...

I was hypoglycemic before going raw, so I have to watch these things.

It's one reason why I am cautious with too many hybrid fruits.
Hybrid fruits meaning, made by man, manipulated by man/no seeds.
(ie. banana, grapes, seedless watermelon, seedless cucumbers, and now apples..)

Isn't that ironic that the fruits MAN bears to the earth
have no seeds??
They are seedless.

Wow, that says a lot about our future...


I've also been contemplating 23 a lot
how things transpire when we are inline with nature.
It is the earths axis. 23 degrees.
It is change. revolutionary events. and core shaking momentum.
Think about the events that occured in your life at that age...

Also, I am going to be starting all juice/mainly green juice tomorrow...
What I've been consuming thus far, really isn't all that different
from what I usually consume, just add more whole fruits and salads.
And I can feel my body responding negatively to digestion.

So, tomorrow, on the SECOND eclipse(coincidental? hah)
in a FULL MOON. I will start this.

mmmmmm....I love being inline with the 'cosmos' ,
It's been happening for many years now,
and it makes me vibrate...
I can feel the energy pulsing out of my hands.


A lot of people like to look at synchronicity as
something that happens when they are doing something right...
When things are as they should be.

The level of synchronicity that your life takes when
you go raw vegan is PHENOMENAL.
Never ending, ever increasing.

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