Day 14:

Aug. 14th consumption:
(please bare in mind, ALL ingredients are organic)

1000 ml. -
filtered water
3 handfuls baby spinach
6 leaves dino kale
1 heaping tsp. Green Vibrance
1 heaping tsp. Spirulina
2 handfuls fresh blueberries
Frozen peaches
Frozen strawberries
1 banana

Cold water with fresh lemon
2-3 liters water

Cucumbers blended up.



Wow..I didn't even get food into me until like 7pm today!
Kind of a busy day.

God, sometimes I forget what a 'health bubble' I live in...
Going out into the "real world" can be an immensely
overwhelming experience. Outside of my own health nitches
and networking, it's just amazing to me...
How much people bring themselves down,
have addictions and destroy themselves.

And we wonder why we are in an energy crisis.
And we wonder why heart disease is the number one killer.
(do we remember how to truly love??)

We are in a human energy crisis...
(study tachyon energy and bioplasma)
We are eroding our souls, and not living like we could be...
We are dissolving. The earth will dissolve us.

Dis-ease manifestation within the body has a lot more to do
with your emotions than you may think...
It is the accumulative practices and dirty habits
of decades coming in on you. It is a manifestation of emotion.
Your emotions are killing you.

Kind of weird to think about.. isn't it?

Study Neurology, Psycho-immunology, and Oriental Medicine
and you'll understand this concept far better.
Every organ within the human body is linked to a particular emotion,
dis-ease(or addiction I find..) can manifest within that organ
because of said emotion.

Someone should really do a study on if people who
have smoking addictions experience enormous amounts of grief...
grief/sorrow, is directly connected to the lungs.
Drinking would be linked to the emotions of fear... (the kidneys/bladder)
Notice an increase in alcoholism.. and kidney centers going up... ?

Also, all of the cancer centers. So many of them.
But where are the cures?? Where are the people who really survive?
The truth is, they don't.

What I am doing right now. What I am practicing right now.
Is how I will avoid cancer and all dis-ease in this lifetime.
I have complete faith in this body, and it's ability to love..
no matter what. Your body will always try and be healthy.
Only your body knows how to be a body.


A LOT of thought going on today. I wrote a lot.
Mostly about society as a whole... and what we need
to do to change things. I think about this stuff, in detail,
along with about 5-100 others things at once... on a regular basis.
I can hold a deep conversation with someone and still have
my brain going like crazy... I am able to focus and catagorize
my thoughts very well though.

Also, watching my mother fall apart(not completely, but slowly);
has been messing with my enemas. My "worry" section in my colon
gets all messed up. hah
....I'm serious.
So, I'm glad I'll be getting a colonic soon... hopefully it will help get
whatever is being stirred in my system out.

Because I don't feel like myself.

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