Day 12:

Aug. 12th consumption:
(please bare in mind, ALL ingredients are organic)

Cucumbers blended with water :D

Cold water with fresh lemon.

1000 ml. -
filtered water
5 leaves dino kale
3/4's head huge romaine lettuce (I tried to fit the whole thing!)
2 tsp. Green Vibrance
2 tsp. Spirulina
few slices frozen peaches(local, of course)
frozen blackberries
1/2 of an enormous freakin' banana
(what's up with the giant bananas???)

500 ml. Licky Juice -
filtered water
1 apple
bunch of parsley
1/2 cucumber
rest of the romaine lettuce..
lime juice

2 more banana blended up with some water.

2-3 liters water


I don't really like "following recipes",
I'd rather make something up. Create something.
But.. I have been looking thru juice recipes lately, so
I'm going to start experimenting. I've just been making things up thus far.

I've been preparing lots of delicious food for my mother lately,
haha, she LOVES it. I made an Eggplant,
Tomato and Cauliflower veggie soup yesterday(my own recipe),
and she thought it was AMAZING. :D
haha.. It does smell pretty fucking impeccable.
Even for cooked food.

My mother, use to be, a master in the kitchen..
before processed food came into play.
So, I am glad I can impress her with
my cooking skills ;) Even though I never taste or try any of it. haha!
It's like... "intuitive cooking".

I am horribly domesticated. What can I say.

My ex John, and any other man that I have made food for,
be it raw or cooked; can attest to the fact that;
I'm pretty amazing in the kitchen ;)

Just give me something to make something else with, and I'll do it! :D
I'll create, no matter what you give me, I'll create.


I am blown away by how nourished I feel.
I have absolutely no desire to eat anything.
I feel satisfied.

Also, I am having no problems not consuming any form of
spicy anything.. which isn't good for the system. Or at least,
when you clean out enough it seems.. spices become an
irritant, not a cleanser.
I might start incorporating ginger and cinnamon, but that's
about it.

All cooked/processed food really is, is spices and texture.
That's it.
Try and eat some cooked food without ANY spices/salt or pepper,
and tell me it doesn't taste like inedible dead crap...

I have...
no salt cravings.
no sugar cravings.
no fat cravings(not even avocado!!).
no cooked food cravings/starch cravings.
no thirst cravings.

I think that is when you can tell if you are properly nourished
or not... no cravings, just peace. :)


Some of my favorite quotes, as if there aren't thousands...

"A frenzied passion for art is a canker that devours everything else."

"Common sense tells us that the things of the earth exist only a little, and that true reality is only in dreams."

"God is the only being who, in order to reign, doesn't even need to exist."

"Progress, this great heresy of decay."

"This life is a hospital in which each patient is obsessed with the desire to change beds."

~Charles Baudelaire

- - -

"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act."
-George Orwell

"In a dark time, the eye begins to see" -Roethke

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