Finding the True Self.

I find to successfully complete a cleanse,
I must first set my intention.

My intention: Emotional cleansing, along with physical cleansing.
Higher vibrations for humanity ;P

My Dietary & Cleansing history:

--- I was raised vegetarian, and have been vegan for 13 years
(prior to going raw). I have been 'raw vegan' for 4 1/2 of those years,
going on 5..end of this Autumn.

--- I have done the Master Cleanse 3x(though not completed each time)

--- I have done several 3 day Juice cleanses.

--- I have done a 30 day water fast.
(though it was when I had disordered eating habits,
and was not conducted in a healthful nor spiritual fashion.)

I always try and listen to my body. This is something, I have found;
you are really able to fine tune the longer you live this lifestyle.

I have come to the point, I feel; where I need to do some
massive cleansing. I have done cleanses, gotten colonics(11 to date),
engage in colon hydrotherapy such as enemas on a regular basis.
Needless to say, I am a different person.
But I only feel about 70% there.. in 'the becoming' of the person
I am forming into. My true self so to speak.

So, the next two years of my life; will be dedicated to
massive internal cleansing, mental focusing, and physical discipline.
I am very much aware that physical conditioning is mental conditioning
is spiritual awakening; and this is what I will be doing to mold
my life into the beaming ray of Art that it so deserves to be.
Because this is bigger than just being Global, this is universal.

This is how I make my Art... with raw foods, sunshine & sweat. ;P